Michael Capponi: Humanitarian And Public-Spirit

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Michael Jean Francois Capponi is well-known for being a real estate developer and nightlife executive. More specifically, Capponi is known for assisting in the development of Miami Beach’s nightlife and his humanitarian work in Haiti.

When Capponi was 16, he began his contribution to the revitalization of South Beach by promoting One Global Tribe at the Cameo Theater in Miami Beach. A few years later, Michael was named by Vogue in the Who’s Who of Miami Beach. Capponi co-founded InList in 2014. InList is the top mobile app for booking nightlife, exclusive parties, and concerts in over 30 cities including NYC, Miami, and Aspen. More recently, InList came out with a 2.0 version of the app which expanded to 45 cities.

michael capponi

Michael Capponi has also co-created the Ten Museum Park in 2004; won the Renovation Firm of the year award in 2008, formed another contracting company in 2013, and joined the development team for a 500,000 square foot resort in 2014.

After the earthquake in Haiti in 2010, Capponi organized a plane equipped with firefighters and doctors. Capponi’s success spans many aspects of nightlife and humanitarian world as well as development and construction. He is an all around public-spirit.

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